Technologies for patient monitoring, diagnosis and the improvement of personal health.



for drug-free insomnia treatment



for better methods

  • Versatile and expendable polysomnography system
  • Fully integrated cloud enabled management system for sleep diagnosis and lab management
  • Analyses during recording
  • Design your own analyses
  • Supports various amplifiers, from 11 to 256 channels


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  • Overcome sleep-related anxiety
  • Learn to relax, deal with stress and wind down
  • Help of a personal sleep coach
  • Drug free professional treatment in the comfort of your own home
  • Based on proven scientific method of behavioral therapy techniques


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The research done by PHIi evolves around inter-twined boundaries of technology, physiology and behavior. The  development of diagnostic models and tools to advance sleep medicine is another area of activities. The members of the institute have already obtained a patent for modeling respiratory instability during sleep.

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